You rely on your furnace to work efficiently all winter long so you can stay warm even on the coldest days. But in order to continue to work properly, your furnace relies on you to take care of periodic heating service and maintenance. Here’s what you can do before winter arrives.

Change The Filter

This is one of the most basic tasks and it only takes a few moments to do, but forgetting or neglecting to change the furnace filter can have some pretty negative consequences. A clogged or dirty filter sends irritants into the air, creating air quality issues for you, your family, and your pets. Poor air quality is especially detrimental to anyone with asthma or other breathing issues. In addition, a filter that’s full of lint and other particles blocks air flow, making your furnace less efficient.

How often should the filter be changed? If you have a dog or cat in the house, there’s probably a great deal of shedding going on. With pets at home, the filter should be changed every two months. If you don’t have pets, then every three to four months is ideal. For a home with no pets or with a single occupant, twice a year is probably sufficient.

Test The Thermostat

How can you tell if your thermostat is working correctly? Does the number on the thermostat match the air temperature in your house? This is fairly easy to test; find a thermometer, place it near your thermostat, wait a few minutes, and then see if the readings match up. If they’re off by several degrees, then your thermostat may not be working properly.

There are other potential issues with a thermostat, including the panel being off-center (with some models, this can actually affect the reading and its operation). Even something as simple as grime can impair the accuracy of your thermostat. Testing your thermostat and taking care of any issues with it now is a fairly simple task that will avoid unpleasant surprises when winter gets here.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Start with a professional inspection by a qualified HVAC service provider. An inspection will reveal what needs to be taken care of to get your furnace ready for winter. It could be something as simple as cleaning components that have accumulated grime. Trained HVAC contractors will remove panels to check the blower assembly and clean or repair sections, as needed. A technician can also inspect the fan, ducts and vents. Minor repairs now will ensure efficient, reliable use all season long.

Contact Heating And Cooling Specialists In Brooklet

Now is the perfect time to contact Rick’s HVAC and have your furnace service taken care of. Don’t wait until the middle of winter; that’s the worst time to find out something’s wrong with your heater. Schedule your maintenance today. Once you’ve got this taken care of, you can enjoy the rest of summer and fall without that nagging feeling that you’ve got to take care of something important! Call us to schedule your appointment today.