Summer’s Coming: Is Your AC Working?

We don’t have to tell you that summer in Savannah, GA is hot! If you don’t have a working air conditioning unit, you’re in trouble. If your AC system isn’t running properly, you need to tend to it now before humid heat gets here in earnest.

Want To Learn How To Save Money On Repairs?

If repairs are in order, it’s normal for you to want to save money. When you find the HVAC contractors in Savannah that you’d like to work with, ask what discounts they offer. Not all specials are advertised, and it certainly never hurts to check if a price reduction might be available. Even five or ten percent off can translate to worthwhile savings.

Take Care Of Maintenance In A Timely Manner

To avoid expensive repairs in the first place, be sure to take care of routine maintenance in a timely manner. Get those air conditioning filters replaced before they become so thick with dirt and grime that your AC unit has to work especially hard to keep everyone cool. Having dirty filters also means your family is breathing gross air. For the health of the people you love, and for a healthier checking account, change your filters often. Your family will breathe clean air, and your AC unit will likely last much longer, resulting in savings for you.

If There’s A Small Issue, Don’t Let It Become A Huge Problem

Taking care of little things right away will save you money on AC repairs. If you ignore that small rattling sound or overlook the occasional temperature glitches, you can be sure that these minor issues will become bigger, costlier ones. Don’t delay; take care of small issues right away.

If It’s Time For A Replacement, Consider Energy Efficiency

If your air conditioning unit is several years old, chances are it’s not the most efficient model around. In recent years, highly energy efficient air conditioners have emerged; these AC systems save homeowners and business owners a great deal of money thanks to the fact that they run more efficiently and require less power, translating into significantly lower utility bills.

Who To Call When You Need AC Repairs In Savannah

Ready to have your air conditioner professionally repaired before the hot Savannah summer days get here? Get in touch with Rick’s HVAC. We are HVAC contractors serving Savannah, Pooler, Statesboro, and other Georgia locations. Our reliable technicians will do the necessary repairs to get your equipment working right for you. Give us a call today!