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There comes a point in time where you’ll have a repair an air conditioning system down the line from when you purchased it or you bought a home with a newly installed system. As the cooling equipment ages, AC repairs begin to become more common at some point in time. You may be in that situation now, wondering if you should continue to repair the unit and at what point it should just be replaced. You’re certainly not alone because there are millions of air conditioner owners asking that same question this year. So, should you opt for more repairs or an air conditioning replacement in Pooler, GA?

Everyone in the Pooler area could benefit from keeping cool during our summers. It is very comforting for many to be able to drop the temperature down within the indoor environment from the heat outside. There comes a time when your air conditioning equipment is no longer reliable or just can’t keep your home cooled comfortably. This is normally when AC repairs have to start and then eventually become more regular. One of the key factors you’ll want to consider at this point is whether or not your air conditioner is able to maintain the energy savings it is manufactured for. Having your utilities rise due to the aging air conditioning system can creep up on you every year to where eventually you may notice that this equipment is the problem.

Any air conditioner that is kept dirty and in ill-repair won’t provide you with the energy consumption it is rated for. Maintaining it with a maintenance agreement and/or seasonal tune-ups are vital to keep it lasting longer, in better shape and with the maximum energy savings possible. A typical air conditioning system will last for around 15 years before the owner needs to have it evaluated by a professional for replacement. Eventually, it will become less efficient and more expensive to run and repair, plus the frustration alone with regular breakdowns and needed repairs can be a real expensive hassle.

There comes a time when annual servicing just isn’t enough to keep your air conditioner in good condition and it is time to part ways with it. If you are wondering about replacing it but not sure which way to go, it’s best to have it evaluated by a licensed professional who is unbiased. At Rick’s HVAC, our Pooler air conditioning repairs and service team care a great deal about our customers and can give you an affordable, unbiased inspection for your air conditioning and heating equipment. We’ve also put together a list of the top 4 signs that indicate it is probably time to replace your old cooling system with a new one.

  1. Consider the Age of Your Air Conditioner – If you have an air conditioning system that is around 15 years old, you may be better off replacing it. Have it inspected by a professional Pooler air conditioning company.
  2. Rising Energy Bills – If your energy bills are rising to keep your Pooler house cool, but you’re using your air conditioning system about the same amount, it is an indication that it is may be losing efficiency. Today’s new systems designed by reliable manufacturers provide more efficiency, so it may be a better choice to replace it.
  3. Constant Repairs – If you’re having to call a service company every summer, you may be wasting good money on repairs to keep your AC hobbling along. A Pooler air conditioning replacement can surely be warranted in this case because repairs can get expensive when a unit is seeing it’s final days.
  4. Doesn’t Keep the House Cool – If your home isn’t kept comfortable in all rooms and locations, it may be time to consider replacing your air conditioner. A new cooling system that is properly installed will help to stabilize the temperature in your house.
    So, how does your air conditioning system stand up to this scrutiny? If you are concerned about even one of these four signs, we encourage you to call us today so we can inspect your system. We’ll help you to determine whether your unit is merely in need of a few air conditioning repairs in Pooler, GA, or if it’s really time to retire it. If you do need an air conditioner replacement in Pooler, we have the best products, financing options, and warranties in the industry. We stand behind warranties and all our workmanship.