When your furnace has seen the last of its days of operation, it’s time to replace it. There are also times when your furnace may still be working but you’ve spent a lot of time, funds, and effort on furnace repairs that don’t seem to end. There is always a point where, in this situation, it can be much better to replace it rather than continue dealing with repairs. A new furnace for your home or business will give you much better energy savings than an old one, which means lower energy bills for as long as your furnace stays maintained. Every furnace has a lifetime of usefulness. When you need a reliable company for a new furnace, call the HVAC service and replacement experts at Rick’s HVAC. We offer quality furnace-related services to residents of Pooler, GA and beyond.

Whether your old furnace is gas or electric, it can be replaced by professional heating contractors. With gas furnaces, it’s imperative that the heating contractors you choose are qualified to work on gas. Rick’s HVAC’s furnace replacement team is here for you no matter the make or model of your furnace for both gas and electric systems. We have been in the HVAC industry since 1992, and we regularly keep up with our education, certification, and licensing. Our experienced heating contractors in Pooler, GA can help you with furnace replacement when you need it, so reach out to us today for a no-obligation estimate.

At Rick’s HVAC, all our customers from Pooler and the surrounding regions are our priority. You’ll never have to worry about our heating contractors being dishonest or telling you that you need to replace your furnace when you don’t. With us, you always get upfront, affordable quotes for new furnace systems that are right for your home or business.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when a heating contractor assesses which furnace you need here in the Pooler region. These are just some of the considerations we need to factor in before doing a furnace installation:

  • The square footage of the home or commercial building the new furnace will be heating,
  • Whether your current unit heats your entire space or just a room,
  • Space issues for installment,
  • Ducting, and more.

Health and safety issues are paramount, such as child safety concerns in and around the location of the furnace, respiratory issues, humidity concerns, and indoor air quality needs. Your comfort requirements are also important. For instance, stale air problems, cold or hot zones, dry or moist air concerns, and noise levels will all be taken into consideration. We’ll also want to know if you are planning to add onto the home or will be remodeling or renovating in the near future.

Your financing requirements can also be a factor. Rick’s HVAC accepts credit cards and can set you up with some great financing for furnace replacements, whether you live in Pooler, GA or any of the surrounding areas.

Your Dealer for Rheem® Gas Furnaces in Pooler, GA

Today’s gas furnaces from great manufacturers like Rheem® can save you a lot of energy. They have gas furnace options offering 80% to 95% efficiency and great warranties that, as an authorized dealer, Rick’s HVAC stands behind. The size of the unit you need will depend on the amount of space it needs to heat. And the type will depend on the other factors mentioned above.

Your Pooler heating services specialists at Rick’s HVAC will help you determine the size and type of gas furnace you need and will give you a fully detailed, written quote with all the relevant information. Rheem® is a manufacturer we prefer because they offer the best heating and cooling solutions in the business and make top-quality products with the latest technologies. Their furnaces give you dependable performance and fantastic warranties.

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